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Serving over 850 individuals in 2009, the Representative Payee Program provides bill paying and case management services to people in the community who are unable to manage their own financial affairs. Staff assists clients in developing a budget for payment of rent, utilities, living supplies, food and other necessities. Clients are primarily referred from Social Services, Veterans Administration and Rescue Mission programs.
The program is also ready to assist people seeking assistance on their own. The staff assists clients by helping them with:
·         developing a budget,
·         payment of rent, utilities, living supplies and food or other needs, 
·         collaborating with other community services to insure that they
       are living in a safe, clean and comfortable environment.
Aimed as a preventative to homelessness and as a way to eliminate debt, seven clients were able to purchase cars in 2009, another encumbered with $80,000 in debt became debt free in the spring of 2010, two clients paid off substantial mortgages, and two clients dealing with alcoholism for over 25 years each spent all of 2009 sober.

A Story of Hope

When Gertrude, a retired teacher and widow, first became a client of the Representative Payee program, she was $80,000 in debt. Over the past six years, with the help our money management payee program, Gertrude has become completely debt free. Over and over again she had expressed her gratitude for the good care she has received. She explained, "I felt like a big burden was hanging over my head. Today that burden has been taken care of." She is now the proud owner of a 2010 Honda Civic.
You can contact the Representative Payee Department of the
Rescue Mission by calling 315-735-1645 x 223 or email walt.buchinski@uticamission.org

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