Reaching Out...Changing Lives

COVID-19 Current Updates

For health and safety precautions the following changes will take place effective March 19th:

1. The LEARNING CENTER has been closed.

2.  We can now receive clothing and food donations on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:30 am – 11:30 am and 1 pm – 2:30 pm. Ring the doorbell on either side of the building and use the community entrance at 1013 West St., Utica. For questions call 315-735-1645 ext. 2220.

3. The FOOD PANTRY will  be distributing PRE-MADE food boxes ONLY which can be picked up at the loading dock doors facing the back parking lot located at 1013 West Street, Community Entrance. Open every Monday, Thursday, and Friday.  We will hand out 24 boxes at 9:00 am and 24 boxes at 1:00 pm.  After the 24  boxes are gone, you will have to come back another day.  REMINDER: There is a 1 box per week limit.  CLOSED ON TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY.

4. Changes are being made to COMMUNITY MEALS beginning Wed. March 18th. All Community meals will be provided at the entry of food services area in take out containers only.

5. REP-PAYEE is operating on a PHONE/MAIL-ONLY BASIS. Please contact your Account Coordinator at 315-735-1645 using extensions below for specific needs and assistance.

Geri –  2226    Marie –  2232    Mike A. –  2227     Nancy –  2233    Veronica –  2229    Cody –  2225