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Grateful through it all:
Josh is especially thankful for YOU!

“I was on the road to self-destruction, but now I’m on the right path.”

Josh was a shy, self-conscious young man who longed to fit in. “I had social anxiety. But when I had a couple drinks, I felt like everybody liked me more,” he says. “I started drinking as a social outlet at 18, but it snowballed.”

For nearly 20 years, he was a functioning addict, working and paying his bills. But, eventually, his drinking spiraled out of control. Then, one day, he had a dramatic wake-up call. “I had to have a drink before work to stop the shakes. I’d never done that before,” he says. “It was a big red flag that I was at a point of no return.”

Josh called his boss and told her he needed help. Upon her recommendation, he came to our Addiction Stabilization Center and detoxed under the supervision of a physician.

When he was physically ready, he entered our Parker House Aftercare Program, where Bible studies, chapel services and Christian counseling strengthened his faith and helped him process his pain. “I reconnected with God and Jesus and got back into reading my Bible daily. I grew a lot spiritually,” he says. “And no matter what I was going through, I could talk to the staff. They’re such compassionate people and have been very instrumental in my healing.”

“The Mission has been a lifeline for me.”

Josh graduated from the program, has his own place and is training to be a Peer Advocate. He plans to spend his days ministering to those who struggle with addiction as he once did. “Now I see myself as a person of value who has something to contribute to the community,” he says.

As Josh celebrates this Thanksgiving, he feels incredibly thankful for your compassion and support – and how it’s given him a fresh start in life. “I was on the road to self-destruction. But the Mission provided a safe, stable environment and helped get me back on the right path. Now, I’m filled with hope.”

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Help other people like Josh… 

Josh’s story of hope and healing is inspiring. Our Addiction Crisis Center & Parker House Residential Aftercare Program exists to help people in Utica find healing. Will you help provide this help to others?

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