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Jeff is celebrating hope!
Your support brings hope to the hurting this Easter.

“I was lost and troubled, but now I’m at peace.”

Jeff grew up with a cruel and abusive father who taught his son that God was filled with anger. “I was afraid of my father,” Jeff says. “If I didn’t read the Bible, he beat me, and I began to associate that with God.”

His father died when Jeff was 11, and he was relieved the abuse was over. But the emotional damage remained. Jeff felt worthless and angry, and when he was 15, he began numbing his pain with alcohol. “My mom and my uncles were alcoholics, and I hung out with them and drank,” he says.

For 25 years, he battled his addiction, costing him jobs and damaging his relationships. “I was reckless and lived a hectic lifestyle. It was a roller coaster,” he says.

Finally, he’d had enough of the chaos. He wanted a different life, so he entered our Parker House Aftercare Program, where devotions, chapel services and Bible studies introduced him to a loving God, nothing like his earthly father.

“Now I can feel God’s love.”

His newfound faith, one-on-one counseling and our loving staff have helped Jeff process his pain and find emotional healing. “Being around positive, encouraging people has made me feel a lot better,” he says. “I’m becoming comfortable with myself.”

Jeff gave back to the Mission by working at our front desk, doing maintenance and serving in our kitchen. He loved the work, and after he completes the program, hopes to join our staff so he can share with others the help and hope he’s received here at the Mission. “I know God has plans for me,” he says.

Thanks to the blessing of your support, Jeff is celebrating Easter as a new creation in Christ. “Before I came to the Mission, I was lost and troubled. They helped me replace my negative attitude with faith. I let go and God took over. Now I’m at peace.”

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Help other people like Jeff… 

Jeff’s story of hope and healing is inspiring. Our Addiction Crisis Center & Parker House Residential Aftercare Program exists to help people in Utica find healing. Will you help provide this help to others?

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