Reaching Out...Changing Lives


James is grateful & blessed this Thanksgiving
because of your support
You’ve given him hope and new life this holiday!


“I kept my emotions bottled up inside and turned to drugs…”

James grew up in the projects, surrounded by poverty and violence. “Seeing that was tough and it really affected me, but I kept my emotions bottled up inside.”

Then he noticed that some of his neighbors seemed to have found a way to cope with the chaos around them. “People who were usually miserable and angry started smiling and having fun when they were getting high. I thought that would help me.”

James struggled with addiction for years, getting clean along the way and building the kind of life he thought he wanted, but he always relapsed. “I had everything – a nice vehicle, a beautiful woman and a beautiful house, but I was never happy and I turned back to drugs.”

Then he had a child and his love for her led him to turn his life around. “I knew I’d have to work hard to change myself, but my daughter was worth it.”

James entered our Parker House Aftercare Program, where Bible studies, chapel services and devotions led him to surrender his life to Christ. He finally found the happiness he’d been seeking in the love of the Lord. “That love is what fulfills me, not a new car, a nice house or any of those things,” he says.

His growing faith and our Christian counselors have helped James process his pain and find emotional healing. “Their loving support restored my trust in other people and helped me realize my worth.”

“The Mission welcomed me with kindness, warm food, shelter, prayer and guidance.”

He’s now looking forward to finding a job and helping to support his daughter financially, emotionally and spiritually. “What matters most is that I do the right thing and I know God will give me the strength when I keep Him first in my life.”

James’ heart is overflowing with gratitude this Thanksgiving because YOUR loving support gave him the confidence and support to rebuild his life. “I was broken, but now I feel God’s love and I’ve been healed.”

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Help other people like James… 

James’ story of hope and healing is inspiring. Our Addiction Crisis Center & Parker House Residential Aftercare Program exists to help people in Utica find healing. Will you help provide this help to others?

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