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10th Annual Golf Tournament – June 15, 2017

Stories of Changed Lives

Finding a New Life…Tommy started using drugs when he was only eight years old. “I got into crack, cocaine, heroin – anything I could get my hands on,” he says. “When I was 10, I started using meth.” Read more of Tommy’s story…

- Tommy

A New Sense of Direction…Chris describes his father as an alcoholic. “All I knew how to do was watch him drink,” he recalls. “At the age of 9, I picked up my first beer… and I loved it.” Read more of Chris’ story…

- Chris

They’re my family now. I’m not alone… Sean was in second grade when his parents divorced. “It bothered me deep inside that my father wasn’t there all the time,” he says. “I was dealing with depression.” Read more of Sean’s story…

- Sean

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