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Corporate Compliance Program

Rescue Mission of Utica, Inc. (The Mission) has established a Corporate Compliance Program to affirm its commitment to abide by high legal and ethical standards in all of its operations and services provided on behalf of the individuals of the Mission.

A Corporate Compliance Program ensures that all aspects of service provision and business conduct are performed in compliance with our mission statement, policies and procedures, professional standards, applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations, and other payer standards.

Our Corporate Compliance Plan applies to all employees, board members, volunteers, contractors, consultants, interns or others doing business with the Mission. All Mission employees and contractors have a personal obligation to assist in making the Program successful.

The Program is regularly reassessed and is constantly evolving to address new compliance challenges and maximize the use of the Mission’s resources. Employees are encouraged to provide input on how the program might be expanded or improved.

Corporate Compliance Hotline:

(315) 624-0046