Stories of Hope

a portrait of Abdul Vohid for Rescue Mission of Utica, NY

Abdul’s Story

Thanks To You… Abdul Has Hope This Christmas!

“I know the perils and pain of being homeless and addicted.”

Looking at the entrance of our Emergency Shelter, Abdul is reminded of what he went through to get where he is today, serving as our Program Coordinator. He can relate to the perils and pain of being homeless and addicted… After all, he’s walked through that same door. Abdul was raised in a middle-class home by parents who wanted the best for him, but there was a dark side to his childhood: abuse at the hands of a sibling. “It was never talked about, and that put me into a terrible place of being out of touch with my own feelings,” he shares. Shame followed Abdul into adulthood, but he kept it hidden. In college, he was introduced to drugs – a welcome escape. Later, he helped create a beautiful family of his own, but he couldn’t stop using. The first time Abdul came to the Mission, he converted to Christianity. “It was in my mind, but not my heart,” he admits. Without a strong foundation, his faith faltered, and he eventually relapsed.

As Abdul’s addiction continued, his behaviors became more self-destructive – his marriage fell apart, and he landed in prison. There, in the midst of fear and loneliness, he prayed, “Lord, please get me through this day.” It worked, every day, and he began to understand Christ’s love. “This is how God works. None of this would have happened without Him in my heart.” After his release, Abdul’s parole officer led him to the Mission. “At first, I was ashamed,” he shares. “But care, love and compassion were all around me.” Abdul completed the Parker House Residential Aftercare Program for the second time with a stronger, Christ-centered support network for continued recovery. Now, with a dream job at the Mission, he shares his own experience, strength and hope with men who are hungry and hurting like he once was. Abdul has hope this Christmas – and he wants to thank YOU for supporting his journey toward a new life. “Faith guided me here to this wonderful place of second chances, and I’m so grateful.”

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a portrait of Andy Williams for Rescue Mission of Utica, NY

Andy’s Story

A Heart Of Thanksgiving Andy Wants To Share How Your Support Changed His Life!

“I was exhausted and spiritually empty.”

Looking back, Andy remembers happy childhood moments like playing sports and hanging out with friends. But he also remembers the loud, sometimes violent, arguments between his parents. His father was a hardworking truck driver… and an alcoholic. “I didn’t see him much, but when I did, he was drunk,” he shares. Andy spent many nights wrapped in his crying mother’s arms after angry words from his father. As a teenager, Andy struggled in school and longed to fit in. Because of that longing, he wound up trying drugs and alcohol, and before long he was in the grips of addiction. Later on, marriages, good jobs, and even having beautiful children weren’t enough to inspire him to seek help. Over the years, the people Andy loved had to distance themselves from him… and it left him lonely. In an attempt to reconnect with his loved ones, he went to recovery programs and got sober… but then, he would relapse. This vicious cycle left him exhausted and spiritually empty. At times, he wondered how he could go on for another day.

During one of those dark periods, Andy had a chance encounter with one of our staff members who was able to explain the Mission’s programs and services. “By this time, I was desperate for help – I couldn’t stop my addiction by myself. This meeting was God taking care of me – I’m sure of it.” “The missing link in my life was Christ.” “At Parker House, Andy found a safe place to rest and recover. Here, through structured classes and Christian counseling, he’s been able to address the roots of his substance abuse, like the effects of his father’s addiction and the confusion and pain he experienced growing up. With consistent support and accountability, he’s found lasting sobriety and a renewed self-confidence. Before coming here, he’d had a hard time understanding the Bible, but these days he gets a perfect start to the day by reading Scripture. “I don’t think about the past; I just think about today… and what the Lord wants for me. I know now that I’m never alone.” Andy is filled with thanksgiving for God’s redeeming love in his life – and your incredible generosity and support! “I wanted peace and serenity, and I finally found it here at the Mission. They saved my life!”

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A posed portrait of Larry Mitchell for the Rescue Mission of Utica in New York

Larry’s Story

Thank You For Loving Your Neighbor, Larry, And Giving Him Hope For The Future!

“I was nearly dead in a snowbank… it was my wakeup call.”

When Larry looks back on the parts of his life that felt reckless and hopeless, regret tries to creep in. He remembers addiction and homelessness taking over, and how he paid the price with his health, his relationships and his life. “Now, I’m where I need to be,” he shares with a newfound confidence. “The past is irrelevant. Today is what I have.” Larry grew up in a Christian home, but when at a young age he witnessed a violent crime against his mother, his desire to protect people grew to an extreme level. After discovering that alcohol could numb his fears, he rebelled against his parents – and even his faith in Christ – which led to homelessness in his teens. When serving in the military couldn’t save him, and with a bad reputation following him, Larry’s drinking became worse. He even considered suicide. At his lowest point, he was found nearly dead in a snowbank, which was the wakeup call of a lifetime. “It was the Lord’s presence that saved me. I needed to find help from a place that had God in its workings.” The day he walked into Rescue Mission of Utica, everything changed for Larry.

“When I arrived, I was greeted with joy… and a sincere, ‘Thank God you’re here.’” “I once was asleep in the Lord, and now I’m resting in Him.” Through meetings, outpatient counseling and church involvement, Larry has built a supportive network of people who are on the same spiritual journey. “All my friends are Christians who are in recovery. I finally feel like I belong, and I know who’s got my back.” Larry has a strong desire to live his best life and give back through leadership. He starts each day with Bible study and prayer, and is eager to hear God’s Word shared by others. “Through Christ, I know there’s nothing I can’t do. And He’s done all of this for me because of His love.” Larry is thankful for the way you have answered God’s calling to love your neighbor as yourself – and have helped him learn how to love himself. “I hope I can inspire those who are still struggling to turn away from a life of fear. After all, everything is in God’s hands.”

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A posed portrait of Steve Zumpano for the Rescue Mission of Utica in New York

Steve’s Story

Thank You For Giving Steve A New Beginning. Because Of You, He Has Joy In His Heart This Easter!

“I can’t do it without God…”

When Steve looks back on his childhood, he remembers a loving family, but also his mother’s alcoholism. This instability led to conflict and his parents’ divorce. As devout Catholics, this confused Steve as it went against everything he’d been taught. In high school, he started drinking. Friends tried it, too, but it was Steve who fell into the grips of addiction. In college, he’d been diagnosed with ADD, and he used drugs to soothe his symptoms and stimulate his brain. Feeling out of touch with his true self, Steve turned to desperate measures and landed in jail. He was sentenced to drug court, with the completion of rehab being a key requirement. Relapse after relapse led to frustration and hopelessness. Finally, he decided to try a new way forward. The day he walked into Rescue Mission of Utica, Steve found a real opportunity for change. “At long last, I realized I can’t do it without God.” The Mission staff and leadership welcomed Steve and offered to help him help himself in any way that they could. Here, he found much-needed structure and a renewed spirit. “The little things – like making your bed – reinforce routine, and I never want to break mine,” he shares. Through our classes and counseling, Steve was able to overcome his addiction while learning more about himself. He now feels much closer to the Lord. “It’s not all about Steve,” he admits, chuckling. “It’s been a humbling experience.” Once back out on his own, he’ll work for his father’s company and finally graduate drug court so that he can close that dark chapter. Meanwhile, Steve won’t be missing any masses, Mission chapel services or daily devotions. “I know I can’t go through the day without Christ front and center.” With Jesus’ love in his heart and hope for the future, Steve is grateful for your support this Easter. “The Mission helped guide me to honest change. I feel so blessed.”

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A posed portrait of John for the Rescue Mission of Utica in New York

John’s Story

Because of You: "My Story Has A New Beginning."

“I’m a good dad now… The cycle has been broken.”

John grew up in a world of addiction and violence. “My father was an alcoholic who abused my mom and held a shotgun to my head,” he says. He longed for a father who would love, protect and guide him, so when he was 13, he began numbing the pain of his wounded heart with drugs. “They were a way to escape all that had happened to me.” Over the next 24 years, John’s drug use escalated, costing him jobs, relationships and the custody of his children. “I used to write down a description of the kind of father I wanted to be, but I couldn’t be that man without help,” he says. “I needed structured living and Accountability.” 

Then John gave his life to Christ and felt led to seek help at our Parker House Aftercare Program. Through our Bible studies, chapel services and Christian counseling, he’s grown strong in the Lord and experienced God’s unconditional love for the first time in his life. “He’s a good Father,” John says. “God gives me grace and shows me that it’s okay to mess up.” John has also developed healthy coping skills and learned to be the kind of father he’s always wanted to be. “I’m steady and caring. I get to see my kids now and they know I’m a good dad,” he says. “The cycle has been broken.” He plans to graduate from the program, get a place of his own where his kids can stay, and become a drug and alcohol counselor, with hopes of working here one day. “I want to give back to this wonderful place,” he says.This Christmas, because of your compassion and God’s love, John’s story has a new beginning. Through the gift of Christ’s birth, his future is filled with joy and meaning.“The Mission saves lives, families and children’s futures. That’s a priceless gift. It’s an endless inheritance.”

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Tim’s Story

From Struggle to Strength

“The Mission gave me a wonderful chance to start over. They really do change lives.”

“The Lord wanted more from me.” Tim grew up in a strong Christian home with a desire to be a Godly man but, over the years, he’d fallen into a self-centered lifestyle. “I partied off and on. I wasn’t really following the Lord,” he says. He wasn’t at peace. He knew God wanted him living a different way, so he quit partying, started going to church and began spending his free time with his family. But he soon found out that it wasn’t enough. God was calling him to a deeper change. “The Lord wanted more from me, but I was still self-centered.” He couldn’t have known that God was about to use a hardship in his life to win his whole heart. “I got injured at work, and lost my job and my apartment in one day,” he says. It was then, at his mother’s urging, that Tim entered our Parker House Aftercare Program. “I thought it was just to put a roof over my head until I healed, but it turned out to be a much greater blessing,” he says. “Through counseling, chapel, prayer, and classes, I rededicated my life to the Lord and started thinking completely differently.” “I changed from self-centered to selfless.” 

Tim demonstrated that selflessness by volunteering five days a week at our front desk, and working in our clothing closet and food pantry. Thanks to his hard work, after graduation, we invited him to join our staff as our Community Service Receptionist. “I now know my call is to human services. I’m so happy with the people I work with and what I do.” We also invited Tim to live in one of our West Street Apartments set aside for the homeless. “It’s rent-free for a year so I have time to get back on my feet,” he says. This Christmas, as Tim celebrates Christ’s birth, he’ll also celebrate the joyous new life he found inside our doors… because of your compassion. “The Mission gave me a wonderful chance to start over. They really do change lives.”

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A posed portrait of William for the Rescue Mission of Utica in New York

William’s Story

A Weary Heart Rejoices

"I would have died alone."

From a close-knit family, William suffered trauma at the age of 11, when his dad and brother died within a year of each other. For years, William struggled to find a role model. “I started looking elsewhere for mentorship, and most of the people that I drifted to were involved in street life, criminal activity and addictions.” Soon, William immersed himself in similar, destructive behavior. “It escalated to a life of jails, compromising everything I learned, all my values, and total spiritual death.” After 35 years of drug use, rehab attempts, homelessness and everything in between, William finally hit an all-time low when his mom died in 2013. “I ran to the Addictions Crisis Center, which is here on the Mission campus.” While here, one of our nurses remembered him from a time he came before, and said something he wouldn’t forget: “It’s alright, buddy. We love you. We miss you. We were worried about you.” However, not long after, William relapsed and ended up in prison.

Today, he sees it as a blessing, because he encountered the Lord. “I sincerely believe that had I not gotten arrested, my life would have been miserable. I would have died alone.” After being released, he was placed in a program that helped him finally break free of his addiction for good. He thanks God for a second chance. Feeling led here, William joined our team as a clinical supervisor! He helped the incoming men with detox, guided them through addiction recovery and ensured they were mentally strong. William was raised in the Muslim religion but says it actually led him to Jesus! “My spirituality was just elevated by the grace of God through the Holy Spirit, because I always had something dear for Jesus in me.” After his long journey, William says, “I’m just thankful to be alive, and to be able to use what God has given me to share in this community.” He is thrilled by his transformation thanks to God’s love in his life – and your support! “It’s amazing to come from being a person who was spiritually bankrupt to having some coins of joy and happiness in my life.”

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A posed portrait of William for the Rescue Mission of Utica in New York

William’s Story

"The world teaches you that 'seeing is believing,' whereas with God, 'believing is seeing.'"

I was trying to find meaning and purpose in life...I tried all the wrong ways and it led to addiction.

Over the course of 12 years, William tried living every which way but God’s way. “I was full of pride and ego,” he admits. He went to church when he was young and had some Biblical understanding. “But I got wrapped up in the world and did what I wanted to do.” Which, for him, was alcohol and drugs. His growing addiction led to carnal and selfish behavior that separated him from the people he loved and left him believing he had little to live for. Eventually, he ended up in a mental hospital, suicidal. “I was at my wit’s end,” he says. “I was so tired of my life and the way things were.” 

When he learned our Parker House residential aftercare program had an opening, he felt a spark of hope. “I honestly feel it was the hand of God on me, trying to nudge me into His family,” William recalls. He decided to give God a chance. “That was the start of my walk with the Lord,” William says today. His desire to use alcohol and drugs is gone…and he’s thinking about going to a Bible college. “I’m figuring out what the Lord is calling me to do.” And he’s grateful for friends like you: “Your prayers and the money you donate are helping people who want to be helped. God bless you for all you do.”

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A posed portrait of Sean for the Rescue Mission of Utica in New York

Sean’s Story

They’re my family, now I’m not alone.

I Wanted To Get Out As Soon As Possible… Then I Opened The Bible And Something Happened To Me...The Words Came Alive.

Sean was in second grade when his parents divorced. “It bothered me deep inside that my father wasn’t there all the time,” he says. “I was dealing with depression.” He started smoking marijuana in high school to “escape” from his sadness and, after he went to work, turned to alcohol. But when he was arrested on a substance abuse charge, he realized he truly had a problem. After that, Sean went to a number of rehabs, but he always relapsed. “One weekend, I started drinking after work on Saturday and by Monday, I realized I couldn’t stop,” he says. Sean lost his job and his apartment, and slept on friends’ sofas for several months until he wore out his welcome. “I ended up sleeping on a porch and that’s when the police came and brought me to the Mission,” he says.

Sean was in our Addiction Crisis Center and then moved into Parker House Aftercare and began our Spiritual Life Program. “I was just trying to conform and get out as soon as possible,” he says. Then he took on the assignment of giving a talk about five reasons he was going to heaven. “I searched the Bible for a couple of days and something happened to me,” he says. “The words came alive. Since then, it’s become part of my identity and my relationship with God keeps getting stronger.” Sean graduated from the program, has his own place, and is attending community college. “I’d like to go to seminary so I can minister,” he says. Sean is grateful to the Mission for helping him change the course of his life. “Seeing how these people live their lives gave me hope,” he says. “They’re my family, now I’m not alone.”

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A posed portrait of Greg for the Rescue Mission of Utica in New York

Greg’s Story

Thank you for rescuing me. Now I have a future filled with hope!

"I didn't want to be rescued."

I could almost see the bridge ahead. I was drunk and driving about 120 mph, and I knew I could easily crash through the rail, and plunge into the water below. Then it would all be over. All of my darkness and depression. A cop car pulled in behind me, lights flashing. So I pulled over. If I had gone through with it, they’d jump in and rescue me. And I definitely did not want to be rescued. My downward spiral started when my parents divorced. I was 3, and I ended up with my dad, visiting my mom on weekends. She spoiled me, buying me everything I wanted. Dad died of a heart attack when I was 15, and I started drinking, getting drunk on weekends. But I wasn’t an alcoholic . . . yet. After Mom died, when I was 25, I was so devastated I started drinking all the time.

Over the next 16 years, I considered suicide many times. But every time I tried, someone would “interrupt.” I wanted to be alone when I did it. When the cops pulled me over that night, I was arrested for DUI and spent 3 weeks in jail. But as soon as I got out, I bought some beer and got drunk. There was a heavy snow that day, and three snow plows were going up and down the street. I decided that when they circled back around, I would jump out in front of them and kill myself. But they never came back… I figured God must want me alive. So I checked into rehab that day and spent three months there. After that, I wanted a faith-based follow-up, so I got into the Mission’s Parker House Aftercare program. I haven’t stopped smiling since I’ve been here. I feel better than ever. I’m getting the spiritual nourishment I’ve needed. I have real friends for the first time. And I’m having fun that’s not based on booze and partying. I’ve dedicated my life to Jesus, and I’m doing very well. Thank you for making that possible! Thank you for rescuing me. Now I have a future filled with hope!

A posed portrait of Matt for the Rescue Mission of Utica in New York

Matt’s Story

I Didn’t Have To Drink Away My Problems…

"My drinking got to the point where I lost everything."

Every morning, Matt woke up wondering what he’d done the night before. “My drinking got to a point where I lost everything.” He moved in with his sister, thinking a location change would change him. But as he says, “The drinking came with me. After two weeks, she kicked me out.” Matt ended up wandering around Syracuse with only a backpack. “I had no hope…no clue where to go.” He ended up next to a railroad track. “I was waiting for the train because I was going to jump in front of it and end it all.” But God was at work in Matt’s life, even at this darkest moment. Without realizing it, Matt dialed 911 on his phone. An operator dispatched an ambulance to come get him. As it pulled away with Matt in the back, the train sped by and Matt was amazed at how close he’d come to a brush with death. Because of a referral to Parker House, he showed up here. He’d been to detox before, but had never tried a Christ-centered recovery program like ours. 

“Parker House is the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” Matt says, smiling. “Not just Parker House, but the Mission, too. I’m so grateful for all they’ve done. You can feel how much the people here really care.” Matt had always numbed his anger with alcohol. But as he let Jesus fill the void in his heart, something amazing happened: “Jesus said, ‘I got you,’ and it felt so much better…I didn’t have to drink away my problems.” Today, Matt’s part of our Phase 4 program, which gives men a safe place to further their walk with Christ and prepares them to transition back into the community. He also volunteers here at the Mission 20 hours a week. He’s working to get into community college, but Matt’s main goal is to stay focused on what matters: a steady, sober life with God at the center. “The Mission has completely changed my life and my attitude. It’s awesome to be happy.”

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A posed portrait of Chris for the Rescue Mission of Utica in New York

Chris’ Story

A New Sense of Direction

The Mission turned me around COMPLETELY from what I was before.

Chris describes his father as an alcoholic. “All I knew how to do was watch him drink,” he recalls. “At the age of 9, I picked up my first beer… and I loved it.” He started stealing his dad’s liquor, and by 14, the onset of addiction began to take its toll. Chris was getting into trouble and letting his grades slide. Athletics became an outlet for his frustration, and he excelled at baseball. He dropped out of school his senior year and tried out for the major leagues. But when a shoulder injury ended his hope for a career, his drinking escalated and his life spiraled downhill. Chris started experimenting with drugs and couldn’t hold a job. “I got arrested… I was in and out of jail… in and out of rehab,” he says. It was a miserable existence that lasted 20 years. But along the way, he heard about Rescue Mission of Utica. Finally, after seeking our help, he gave his life to the Lord. “I accepted the Lord fully and completely,” Chris says. “I’m staying sober and I understand now that I can pray and rely on Him instead of taking charge myself.” 

With a new outlook on life, Chris strives to excel in everything he does and willingly accepts both criticism and compliments. His positive attitude and behavior have paid off. He was recently offered a position at a company where he began as a volunteer. “Because of the work they’ve seen me do, they gave me a job,” he says with gratitude. Chris is grateful for the many other virtues that have changed his life so dramatically – and that he was able to develop them through your support of our programs. “The Mission built my self-esteem… my confidence… my humility. It built responsibility, respect and patience,” he says. “The Mission gives you a base… a firm foundation to build yourself up.”

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A posed portrait of Kevin for the Rescue Mission of Utica in New York

Kevin’s Story

Kevin's Heart is Filled with Gratitude for You

“I was spiritually bankrupt and hopeless, but now I’m a believer.”

Kevin’s father was an addict and a drug dealer and his mother lived in fear that Kevin would choose the same path. “She loved my father to death, but she didn’t want me to be like him, so she was really hard on me. It bordered on abuse,” Kevin says. “I felt rejected and became introverted because I thought there was something wrong with me.” When Kevin was in junior high, he ran away from home in search of acceptance. “I found what I was looking for in the streets,” he says. “I started doing drugs and alcohol and I felt normal. I wasn’t shy anymore.” For nearly 30 years, he struggled with addiction – costing him jobs, damaging his relationships and leaving him homeless. “I lost everything,” he says. “All I had was pain, loneliness and shame.” It was then Kevin came to our Addiction Stabilization Center, where he found safe shelter, food and the opportunity to detox in a medically-monitored setting. With his physical needs met, he was able to focus on his spiritual healing, attending chapel services and Christian counseling that opened his heart to the Lord.

“When I walked in here, I was spiritually bankrupt and hopeless, but now I’m a believer.” Kevin completed his ASC treatment and moved into transitional housing. He plans to become a Peer Engagement Specialist here at the Mission, encouraging and guiding others who are struggling with addiction. “I thought the life I’d lived had been for nothing, but I’ll be able to use my experience to help people,” he says, smiling. This Thanksgiving season – and all through the year – your kind generosity fills hearts with hope and gratitude… and transforms lives like Kevin’s. “The Mission received me with open arms, pointed me in the right direction and gave me the tools to become independent. I’m leaving with goals and hope.”

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A posed portrait of Demetria Lunny for the Rescue Mission of Utica in New York

Demetria’s Story

Demetria's Family is Changed Forever and They Want to Thank You!

“When my kids were hungry, I was able to feed them.”

Demetria sat by her son’s hospital bed, holding his hand, watching him breathe, praying he’d regain consciousness. “He got hit by a car and received a traumatic brain injury,” she says. “He was on life support for five days.” Thankfully, he regained consciousness, but he needed a lot of care to heal from his injury. “I lost him mentally for about a year,” Demetria says. As if that heartbreak weren’t enough, Demetria and her husband struggled to pay his medical bills while providing for their other four children. “We were living on my husband’s police pension and were strained financially beyond belief,” Demetria says. “I started coming to the Mission’s Food Pantry and I was so happy because, when my kids were hungry, I was able to feed them.” 

“The Mission showed us unconditional love.” When she saw the compassion of our Mission staff, Demetria decided to apply here for a position but she wasn’t hired immediately, so she came on as a volunteer. It was then our staff discovered the severity of her family’s need. “They gave us a turkey for Thanksgiving, coats, clothes and toys, and they encouraged and prayed for me,” Demetria says. Her stellar performance as a volunteer made her the obvious choice when a Volunteer Coordinator position opened on our staff. “I love working with people that are going through challenges,” she says. “And now I’m able to buy more groceries, get necessities for my children, and have money left over.” 

Demetria’s son has made a near full recovery from his injuries. “I almost lost him, but his mind is pretty much back,” she says, her eyes filling with tears. “He even came here to volunteer.” Because you gave from your heart to help Demetria and her family, their lives have been changed by your goodness and God’s love forever! “God blessed us through the Rescue Mission. I’m very thankful and now all I want to do is give back.”

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A posed portrait of Tim for the Rescue Mission of Utica in New York

Tim’s Story

A Teacher's Hope

Tim was born to teach. “My mother was a teacher, and my parents stressed the value of education and public service,” he says. He followed that path, earning a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Master’s in Secondary Education and Adolescent Development. But he was injured in a car accident in graduate school and became addicted to prescription painkillers. “I would see multiple doctors,” he says. “I had unfettered access.” Nevertheless, Tim graduated and found a teaching job he loved. “I was good at what I did. I cared and was thoughtful in my planning,” he says. “I was able to keep the house of cards standing for a little while.” But when it became more difficult to get the prescription drugs, Tim switched to heroin and the house of cards fell. “Bad things started happening – cars getting repossessed, losing jobs,” he says. It was then he decided he’d had enough and, after trying several rehabs, entered our Parker House Aftercare Program.

“I hadn’t really believed in God up to that point, but I’d seen how much happier people are who have that spiritual element in their life, and I wanted that,” he says. “I’ve embraced it now and things have gotten a lot better.” Tim is now using his education and teaching gifts to help others by tutoring at our Learning Center. “A lot of people weren’t offered the advantages I was and don’t have a high school education. I’m helping them prepare for their GEDs,” he says. “It makes me feel good.” Because of your support, Tim, and people like him, find help and hope when they walk through the doors of Rescue Mission of Utica –at Easter and always. “Without the accountability here, I probably would’ve slipped. This program literally saves lives.”

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