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Bennett inspired by brother – Utica OD – 5/20/19

If someone were to ask where New Hartford senior Nathaniel Bennett got his “never give up” attitude, he would simply point to his younger brother.

During downtime from his studies, Bennett can be seen volunteering at the Utica Rescue Mission, something in which he takes tremendous pride.

Who inspires you?

My youngest brother Noah, who is 6, gives me inspiration to never give up. He has cerebral palsy, which makes his life much more difficult than most 6-year-olds. I believe he has been through much more than a lot of young people have, and he is the strongest kid I know … Cerebral Palsy affects my brother’s muscles on the left side of his body, so his arm and leg muscles are much weaker and need to be stretched more. … Even with this condition, he still is one of the most outgoing young kids I know. He is resilient and he does not give up. His “never give up” attitude is my inspiration.

What are your goals?

I plan to attend a four-year university to study statistics and economics. After receiving my undergraduate degrees, I plan to work in analytics for a sports team or business.

Has volunteering always been a passion for you?

I started volunteering when I was in seventh grade at the Utica Rescue Mission. Since then, I have spent hundreds of hours at the Mission. I mainly prepare and serve food in the kitchen. I have also organized groups to participate in spring cleaning events and food drives. As I spent more and more time volunteering, I got to know the people who work at the Mission. Their stories push me to help those in need.

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