Oneida County making resources available to prevent overdose spikes – WKTV – 4-24-20

April 24, 2020

There have been 19 overedoses in Oneida County since April 12, according to the Overdose Response Team.

There have been 19 overedoses in Oneida County since April 12, according to the Overdose Response Team.

On April 12, the team reported five overdose deaths in just a week. No fatalities have been reported since.

“Oneida County is here for you. Our team of community partners is ready to help. I am proud of the way our Opioid Task Force members have responded to the recent spike alert amidst this pandemic, and want to make sure our residents know how services and protocols are being expanded and amended to make sure they can access the treatment, recovery and harm reduction services they may need during these especially difficult times,” said Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente.

The Opioid Task Force is concerned that the extended isolation due to coronavirus might be dangerous for people with substance abuse issues. The Task Force is working to ensure these people have services available to them.

Below is a listing of some of the actions taken to address the overdose spike:

  • Falcon Clinic for Health, Wellness, and Recovery is expanding capacity to accept patients for stabilization and maintenance treatment with buprenorphine to assist patients in managing their substance use disorder.
  • White Deer Run Treatment Network has created a special response team to expedite the referral and admission process for individuals with certain insurances. Beds, transportation, and treatment teams are available and on standby.
  • Rescue Mission’s Peer Recovery Advocates are reaching out to recent overdose victims identified by ODMAP via telephone to provide support and help link them to treatment.
  • ACR Health’s Syringe Exchange Program is providing an array of in-person and mobile harm reduction services to reduce risk of overdose death and teach flexible options for cutting back.
  • Center for Family Life & Recovery is providing several virtual recovery support meetings for families of and individuals with substance use disorder.
  • Community Recovery Center is providing both mental health and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for substance use disorder via telehealth.
  • Conifer has detox beds available and transportation.
  • Helio Health, Insight House and CNY Services facilities are open and accepting new patients in all levels of care, with no wait list and offering take home doses of MAT.
  • Beacon Center is accepting new patients, offering virtual counseling/group sessions, and take home MAT.



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