Andy’s Story

Looking back, Andy remembers happy childhood moments like playing sports and hanging out with friends. But he also remembers the loud, sometimes violent, arguments between his parents. His father was a hardworking truck driver… and an alcoholic. “I didn’t see him much, but when I did, he was drunk,” he shares. Andy spent many nights wrapped in his crying mother’s arms after angry words from his father. As a teenager, Andy struggled in school and longed to fit in. Because of that longing, he wound up trying drugs and alcohol, and before long he was in the grips of addiction. Later on, marriages, good jobs, and even having beautiful children weren’t enough to inspire him to seek help. Over the years, the people Andy loved had to distance themselves from him… and it left him lonely. In an attempt to reconnect with his loved ones, he went to recovery programs and got sober… but then, he would relapse. This vicious cycle left him exhausted and spiritually empty. At times, he wondered how he could go on for another day.

During one of those dark periods, Andy had a chance encounter with one of our staff members who was able to explain the Mission’s programs and services. “By this time, I was desperate for help – I couldn’t stop my addiction by myself. This meeting was God taking care of me – I’m sure of it.” “The missing link in my life was Christ.” “At Parker House, Andy found a safe place to rest and recover. Here, through structured classes and Christian counseling, he’s been able to address the roots of his substance abuse, like the effects of his father’s addiction and the confusion and pain he experienced growing up. With consistent support and accountability, he’s found lasting sobriety and a renewed self-confidence. Before coming here, he’d had a hard time understanding the Bible, but these days he gets a perfect start to the day by reading Scripture. “I don’t think about the past; I just think about today… and what the Lord wants for me. I know now that I’m never alone.” Andy is filled with thanksgiving for God’s redeeming love in his life – and your incredible generosity and support! “I wanted peace and serenity, and I finally found it here at the Mission. They saved my life!”


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