Christopher’s Story

Christopher was raised by parents who were addicts, so it seemed normal to him. “I just assumed other parents were like mine. They were in and out of abusive relationships and I saw a lot of drama growing up… it was definitely painful.” But then, at age 19, Christopher became completely overwhelmed and turned to drugs to numb the pain he couldn’t escape. “I used drugs because I didn’t want to feel much of anything. My life was so chaotic.” For 8 years, Christopher fell even deeper into the nightmare of addiction. The turning point finally came when Christopher could no longer keep a job and became homeless. “I got so depressed and down and out… I felt like a loser. I wanted more for myself.”

That’s when Christopher went to rehab to get clean and then spent time at a halfway house. But he wasn’t ready to live on his own and still felt like something was missing… “I’ve definitely grown, and a lot of the wounds have begun to heal. They’re bringing me closer to God.” Christopher called Pastor Dave and was welcomed into our Parker House Aftercare Program, where his new life truly began. “I wanted to study the Bible and get clarity. I’ve come to know God personally and I’ve accepted His grace… I feel like a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders.”

Daily devotions are helping Christopher dig deeper into the Word and giving him guidance to rebuild his life. He feels the Lord leading him to go back to school and get his counseling certification so he can help others overcome similar situations. “I want to help people not only come out of their addiction, but bring them to Jesus. Save their life and their soul at the same time.” Your generous support has filled Christopher’s life with love, encouragement and, most of all, hope this Easter season. “Before I came to the Mission, I would look in the mirror and see a broken soul. Now I can be proud of where I came from and who I’ve become.”


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