Steve’s Story

When Steve looks back on his childhood, he remembers a loving family, but also his mother’s alcoholism. This instability led to conflict and his parents’ divorce. As devout Catholics, this confused Steve as it went against everything he’d been taught. In high school, he started drinking. Friends tried it, too, but it was Steve who fell into the grips of addiction. In college, he’d been diagnosed with ADD, and he used drugs to soothe his symptoms and stimulate his brain. Feeling out of touch with his true self, Steve turned to desperate measures and landed in jail. He was sentenced to drug court, with the completion of rehab being a key requirement. Relapse after relapse led to frustration and hopelessness. Finally, he decided to try a new way forward. The day he walked into Rescue Mission of Utica, Steve found a real opportunity for change. “At long last, I realized I can’t do it without God.” The Mission staff and leadership welcomed Steve and offered to help him help himself in any way that they could. Here, he found much-needed structure and a renewed spirit. “The little things – like making your bed – reinforce routine, and I never want to break mine,” he shares. Through our classes and counseling, Steve was able to overcome his addiction while learning more about himself. He now feels much closer to the Lord. “It’s not all about Steve,” he admits, chuckling. “It’s been a humbling experience.” Once back out on his own, he’ll work for his father’s company and finally graduate drug court so that he can close that dark chapter. Meanwhile, Steve won’t be missing any masses, Mission chapel services or daily devotions. “I know I can’t go through the day without Christ front and center.” With Jesus’ love in his heart and hope for the future, Steve is grateful for your support this Easter. “The Mission helped guide me to honest change. I feel so blessed.”


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